Marcia Aquila

Centurion of the Narrow Band


Marcia is the head Centurion of the elite Narrow Band, the front line of the legion. Her dedication to the emperor is absolute, and her ambition is to become a general in his service. She defines herself by the number of wins she and her men have made in the name of Kelsay, the only true civilization this world has ever known.

Recently, on a scouting mission, she was drawn into the mystical Wild Hunt and was shaken by the experience. Many of her men we cut down by demonic forces and cultists, and she is unsure how she survived that night. She and Titus Furius, the Tribune leader of the Narrow Band, along with their advisor, Cyprian are now leading the full legion to Vale where they plan on squashing the cult and the Proconsul who permitted it to fester there against their emperor’s wishes.


Marcia Aquila

Vale Sieje