The Kidnaped Circus 3

The Cultist's Dungeon

Fresh from the battle against the hook horror, gnolls, kobolds and their cultist followers, the gang took a moment to regroup, take a short rest and examine their foes. Tiny Titan lead their friends and former captives, Clap and Dong, Fedelmid, Handles, and Mirko Dimitrije out and back towards the circus carts and relative safety, while the rest decided to press onwards in hopes of finding and rescuing the still unaccounted for Tatius Mercurius and Pollux.

There was much horror when the group discovered that the cultists were local youths from the village who had apparently fallen in with the monsters, and apparently were unwittingly set up to be sacrifices as well, since their cultist robes were emblazoned with the symbol for “sacrifice.” Petrinila recognized the blacksmith’s apprentice as one of them, and is making a point to try and keep any future cultists alive and brought back. Also discovered was that the summoning circle was drawn very wrong, in that it would under no circumstance would bind a demon summoned into it, rather it was set to weaken any bods of a demonic presence. Alexi Nioli “Nightbreeze” directed the others to carefully unweave the circle.

Explorations lead to the discovery of a room filled with Gnolls, who were lead by some sort of demonic enhanced cleric gnoll, who were brought down by coordination, tactics and the sudden bear-ness of Gavrill Marcion. Further explorations south revealed a room full of goblins and their bugbear chief who had also apparently been held captive awaiting sacrifice to whatever demon holds this place under its sway. A discussion with Alexi Nioli “Nightbreeze”, who apparently knows their language and used a bit of magic to assure their cooperation, lead to them being released to wreak vengeance on their former captors. It also lead to a bit of strife between Alexi and Petrinila, the half-orc objecting to the release of the foul little goblins.

Other discoveries involved a trip down a long staircase to a natural cavern, which was scouted out by Drake who discovered a large otherwise empty chamber containing a gigantic permeant magic circle etched and inlaid into the floor, which appears to have been chipped at over time. In an adjacent room, he found a refuse room, that looked to contain the remnants of rotting sacrifices from over a number of years, as well as something ominously moving beneath. Discretion being the better part of valor, the group returned to the main floor to continue their search elsewhere.

Heading north, they discovered a door behind which sounds of a loud dining hall full of gnolls could be heard (and was wisely avoided), and then onward to a room full of mysterious pools and fountains, that Alexi identified as being on a nexus of ley lines. Seeking treasure or some sort of beneficial magical effect, Drake placed his hand unto one of the pools and was rewarded by an attack by some amorphous green slime. Some acid damage, a cool pool of fresh water and the help of his comrades later, the slime was removed and Griffo called for the gang to stop playing with magic pools while their friends were still in danger of being sacrificed somewhere in this maze!



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